I am writing regarding the B&Q Club card.

Until January, receipts and money-off vouchers came by email without a problem. When I then upgraded to a Diamond Card, the emails stopped.

B&Q told me that, due to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), customers need to be opted in to receive marketing emails and receipts and vouchers.

That contradicts what the club website states which is “Untick or leave this box blank and click submit if you want to receive B&Q Club voucher rewards via email”. This seems clear enough. I left the box blank.

SK, Wilts

B&Q initially admitted to me it had made a mistake and promised you would receive vouchers in future.

I asked it to elaborate on the error and what it was doing to redress the fact you had lost out through this mix-up in the past.

It now said: “Due to an internal error, Ms K’s request wasn’t sent on to our data protection team, who have experience to help with such queries.” It has sent you a £50 gift card as a gesture of goodwill.

When you registered, it appears you consented on the form to receive marketing information. The wording you saw related to existing members and is no longer in use.

Even so, you now find yourself opted out of marketing emails and not getting the latest offers. To reverse this, your marketing preferences need updating.

Meanwhile the perks seem to be diminishing. Over-60s who are members of the Diamond Club such as yourself used to get 10pc off all products on Wednesdays. Now the discount applies only to gardening products.

B&Q argues gardening products are the most popular category for this age group. I also understand that B&Q is in the process of reviewing its loyalty card programme in general.


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