We have two gas meters and two electricity meters, all billed to the one address. I realise this is slightly unusual. However, this situation prevailed for the entirety of Scottish Power’s contract with me, which, from memory, lasted between 12 and 15 years.

More recently, despite my providing regular readings with meter serial numbers, Scottish Power repeatedly calculated consumption based on its confusion of which supply the meter readings should be applied to. This resulted in it continually moving direct debits up, then down, then up even more. When the deal I was on was due to expire earlier this year I transferred to another provider. This didn’t mean the end of my problems with Scottish Power.

I was massively in credit and due a large refund. It then proceeded to make numerous unintelligible entries on the four accounts, two of which had been dormant for 16 months. It credited me with just over £100, far less than it should be.

ME, Essex

You had separate gas and electricity accounts and meters for the main house and for your pool house.

It turns out that, when Scottish Power’s accounts were transferred to its new billing system in 2014, which, as I recall, caused all sorts of muddles generally, the record for the gas meter for the main house was substituted for the one for the electricity meter for the pool house and vice versa.

The accounts were corrected in January 2017 and backdated to 2014 on the cheapest tariff.

However, you doubted the sums and kept questioning them, but were not getting answers.

Further to my involvement, Scottish Power reviewed the figures and then found that, although it had worked out the figures on the basis of the cheaper tariff up to December 2016, it had not worked out the January 2017 bill on the correct tariff.

Rather than go back over this again it decided to repay you the full amount for January 2017. Scottish Power also recognises how long it has taken to resolve the matter, for which it apologises. 

You are, I understand, a big energy user, and you had paid £704 for that month, all of which Scottish Power has now reimbursed you.

You say my intervention led to immediate contact from someone who then kept in touch regularly to help to resolve the issue. You say you are “over the moon” that this is sorted out at last. 


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