RDT Cryptex Mining has just entered the crypto world. The newly christened digital currency mining company is set to make a big mark in their industry. Having just opened a giant datacenter facility, they already have made a sizable impact on the market. It is not unrealistic to think that within a short period of time, even as little as a few months, the company can become potential leaders of the industry considering the sizeable investment that they have made. Their huge facility, coupled with the latest servers and GPUs, gives them a considerable head start over other start-up companies.

Crypto Mining – the way forward

Crptocurrency is fast becoming the new investment method. Many people, including companies want to get their hands on the valuable commodity bitcoin. Mining is a relatively new industry with few legitimate companies. Most of the companies that claimed to be mining establishments were fake and based in the far East, meaning that verifying them was almost impossible. However, companies like RDT Cryptex Mining are changing that perception. Not only do they operate from their data center in London (UK), the British company operates in a transparent and professional manner. Crypto experts believe that they are one of the new companies to watch out for this year. The investment and resources at their disposal means that they can have a big impact in the field of cryptocurrency.

As previously mentioned, mining used to be a problem in the past because companies either scammed people thousand of dollars or they didn’t have the proper facilities to properly mine bitcoins. RDTR Capital however has neither of those problems. RDTR Capital are expected to make significant growth in the sector. With RDTR Capital now being a viable option, the company can expect to challenge some of the other main players in the market like Genesis. With previous companies, Genesis did not have to worry because they were the only viable and established company in the business. Even those that were registered could not compete with them because of the resources Genesis uses. However, all of this has changed since RDTR Capital entered the market. The company is running sophisticated technology such as ASIC systems and employs qualified personnel, which is essential for mining bitcoin.

Planning for the future

The company has many plans for the future. Kenneth Mcgwire, their strategic business planner, talked about their plans to solidify their current datacenter with upgraded servers. They already started a going green initiative with potential renewable energy cooling system. He also mentioned a second potential center in the UK as a goal for the company in the foreseeable future. All these plans mean only one thing, RDTR Capitalg is here to stay.


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