I would appreciate any assistance that you can offer in resolving a problem with Scottish Power.

I have had a boiler care agreement with the company since March 2015. This has been operating in accordance with scheduled and annual inspections, which are undertaken at the allotted times.

However, three months ago two of the radiators in my house were not emitting heat, despite my best efforts to bleed any air trapped in them.

The pressure gauge above the central heating boiler was beginning to move in a way it hadn’t in the past so I requested a call from an engineer to check out what was going wrong.

Two engineers from the firm that Scottish Power outsources its maintenance and servicing work to called at my house during the next couple of weeks to inspect the problem. They reset the pressure valve, replaced the zone valve and renewed the pressure expansion tank.

Unfortunately, despite all of this the system continued to cause problems. The boiler was cutting out when a red flashing light appeared on the controls at regular intervals.

The last engineer to call and check the system took a view that there was silt deposited in it, which he included in his report.

Within three minutes of him leaving the house I had a telephone call from the Scottish Power engineering office informing me that the silt build-up would not be covered in my contract with it.

I was told that I needed to employ a third-party engineer to inspect the system and change the pump. This I duly did.

TC, Kent

A technician from an independent company came round and reported that the system was completely clean. There was no build-up of silt in the pump.

The zone valve had not been replaced as you had been led to understand it had. As proof of this, the original warranty label, dated April 2013, was still stuck on the inside. Only the back plate had been changed.

You were advised that the front of the zone valve and certain components on top of the boiler needed replacing.

Doing this should correct the flashing red lights and constant cut-out of the boiler.

A new pump was fitted. The invoice for that and fault finding and adjusting the output settings was £291. You were told that Scottish Power would pay this provided that it was convinced there had been no silt.

The conclusions of your independent technician were confirmed when the work was done and when, on completion, it was reaffirmed there was no sign of silt.

You tried hard to contact Scottish Power to arrange for the bill to be paid. After testing various other options to obtain reimbursement, you turned to me.

Scottish Power carried out a full review. It concluded (again) that you were right about the silt and at last the £291 was refunded and £50 paid for goodwill, £30 of which you have since donated to charity.


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